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sydney carpet cleaning services

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carpet cleaning sydney

Master Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney...

carpet cleaning sydney
Certified professional carpet and upholstery cleaners
Top quality workmanship guarantee, ensures complete customer satisfaction
Apply healthy home cleaning concepts - improves health of all occupants
Very accommodating - we work with YOUR schedule
Highly effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products
Seven days a week residential and commercial service
Powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning system
Multi-step cleaning procedure
Trusted, reliable, affordable
Fully insured
Free estimates

carpet cleaning sydney

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Sydney Master Carpet Cleaning Services

At Sydney Master Carpet Cleaning we know that customer satisfaction is what keeps us in business. That’s why we keep our best interests at the top of our list of priorities.
This includes using products that are safe for your family and offering a variety of services.

We know that your carpet, rugs and upholstery are a big part of your Home and Work place looks; we take pride in preserving these items for you. Please take this opportunity to browse through our site to see what we can offer. Carpet Cleaning Sydney solutions you can count on...

From stubborn stains to pet odors, put our experience, product knowledge, and incredible attention to detail to work for you and get comprehensive cleaning solutions you can count on. Enjoy the affordable prices, extensive cleaning capabilities, and friendly, professional service you deserve for all your fabric, leather and flooring cleaning requirements, and discover why MASTER CARPET CLEANING is the only name you need to know.

Since we employ one of the most powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning machines, the expected drying time of your carpet will be relatively short. Our dry time usually ranges anywhere from 2 to 12 hours

We pre-spot and pre-condition your carpet before actual cleaning. Pre-spotting will take care of the tough stains, while the conditioning will enhance color and brightness of your carpet. This advanced cleaning process gives amazing results.

We will move most furniture such as sofas, chairs and coffee tables. We will not move beds, dressers, wall units or any other items that should be moved with more than one person.

Please contact us to get a free quote. We look forward in providing you with our professional cleaning services whatever your need may be.



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Trained technicians: Technicians must be willing to take time to pre-inspect the carpet in all of the areas that need cleaning. They must identify the carpet’s construction and fibre, evaluate individual needs and recommend the appropriate cleaning method or procedure. The technician is the key to quality results, not a particular method, machine or process.

Safety: All cleaning and specialty agents and used before, during and after cleaning must be used in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and appropriate safety regulations.

Customer satisfaction: Cleaning firms should offer workmanship guarantees in writing. Fibre type, carpet construction, installation and maintenance may present circumstances beyond a cleaning technician’s control; however, responsible workmanship must implicit in any work performed..

Spotting:  Special attention to spots and stains is included in normal job performance. However, time consuming specialized spotting or prolonged effort on colour added spots may incur an additional charge. Customers should always be advised of additional charges before extensive spotting procedures take place.

Pre- conditioning:  Special treatment with pre-conditioning agents in heavely soiled entry and traffic areas should be included in the cost of cleaning. However, the job may increase in extreme soiling situations and consumer should be advised in advance for the need of such increased charges.

Minimal drying time: It is the cleaners responsibility, with the consumer’s cooperation, to ensure that the carpet is dried and returned to normal use within a reasonable time frame. The amount of time required for drying will vary with different methods, the degree of soiling and the aggressiveness of cleaning. However, under no circumstances should carpet drying require more than 24 hours with proper ventilation. The consumer’s cooperation in providing continuous airflow and/or ventilation to expedite drying cannot be overemphasized.

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